Head of MEiN at the Gorzyczki School and Kindergarten Complex: Investing in education is investing in the future – Ministry of Education and Science

Head of MEiN at the Gorzyczki School and Kindergarten Complex: Investing in education is investing in the future October 21, 2022 The Minister of Education and Science visited the school and kindergarten complex in Gorzyczki. During the visit, the head of MEiN stressed the importance of increasing education spending. Invest in education – An investment … Read more

Biophilic design – what is biophilic design and how to introduce it into your interior? • obido

What will you learn from this article? In this article, with Olga Nowosad Szewców, interior designer of Decoroom, we will tell you about the trend of biophilic design. You will also learn which furniture, materials and accessories to use to furnish interiors in line with the idea of ​​biophilic design and how to easily change … Read more

He left Wrocław and paddled 500 kilometers along the Oder. He wants to raise a million fish for his money [ZDJĘCIA]

500 kilometers by kayak, from Wrocław to Szczecin, all to support the #ODRodznia fall. Dominik Dobrowolski, a traveler and conservationist from Wrocław, is raising money to raise a million fish and help the river recover. For this purpose he needs 100,000 PLN. Dominik Dobrowolski, known for campaigns such as Czysta Odra, Cycling-Recycling or Eco-Valentine’s Day, … Read more

Weekend in Lublin with attractions. Facilities, Plant Fairs and Mineral Exchange – Lubelski.pl

Sports emotions, plant fairs, exhibitions – these are not the only attractions that await you in Lublin. We checked out what to go and what to see. Premiere at the Andersen Theater This Saturday, premiere of the play “Alice in Wonderland”, directed by Jakub Roszkowski. The remarkable scenography and video animations of Marcin Chlanda, the … Read more

On the essence of femininity through prophylaxis and self-acceptance. Women’s night at the MOK

Promotional material Dear ladies! There has never been such an initiative in our city. Soon a truly feminine event will take place in Mysłowice: “Femininity without retouching. On the essence of femininity through prophylaxis and self-acceptance”. During the women’s vacation at the Mysłowice Cultural Center, a group of active, creative and conscious women for whom … Read more

Repair crews in Szczecinek. Who to entrust the construction to? Feedback

Finding a construction team is a real challenge. Check out the list of the best companies in Szczecinek. This way, it will be easier for you to find a solution. You will find there, among other design offices, flooring professionals, glaziers, gas fitters and much more. Building a house in Szczecinek usually requires the employment … Read more

Exhibition of “travel” caricatures in Toruń: “Great respect for what is happening in Radzyń”

Direction Radzyń! At the Museum of Explorers Tony Halik in Toruń presents an exhibition of caricatures by Przemysław Krupski, prepared for the next editions of “Radzyń Meetings with Travellers”. The opening took place on October 7 with the participation of, among others, the director of the establishment of Magdalena Nierzwicka and a large group of … Read more