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In this article, with Olga Nowosad Szewców, interior designer of Decoroom, we will tell you about the trend of biophilic design. You will also learn which furniture, materials and accessories to use to furnish interiors in line with the idea of ​​biophilic design and how to easily change your home so that it has a positive impact on our well-being and health.

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Biophilic design – what are the most important features of this style?

The biophilic design trend stems from man’s widely understood return to nature. It is the expression of a desire for nature, greenery and peace, contrasting sharply with the fast and stressful life of urban areas. In the city, the rush, traffic, noise and lack of closeness to nature often have a negative impact on a person’s psychophysical state, health and general comfort. Nature is a kind of escape with salutary effect.

Biophilic design - the wooden patterns blend beautifully with the vibrant greenery of the plants

The biophilic conception is based, among other things, on the use of natural materials, shapes and patterns imitating nature. Using natural materials, we can arrange a living room or bedroom. By making natural wood parquet, glass doors, floral wallpaper in the living room or behind the sofa, we can make ourselves familiar with the idea of ​​biophilic design and we will live in harmony with ourselves and our original needs. .

How to introduce biophilic design in your apartment?

The first and most obvious feature of this style that comes to mind is introduce live plants into our spaceswhich are a specific determinant of biophilic conception. In addition to traditional pots, whole walls can appear here, lined with vegetation, vertical gardens or just interesting flower beds with your favorite plant selections. Bright green now appears even in rustically shaped wooden tables and stools, and is also perfectly combined with metal and glass.

Biophilic design in the kitchen - natural materials, lots of natural light

Another element of this trend in interiors is natural light. Lack of sunlight can cause low mood, depression or vitamin D deficiency, so here’s the treatment maximum sunlight and access to daylight it’s a necessity. Therefore, we uncover the windows and introduce glazing inside to bring light into the rooms that do not have direct access to them. A view of the garden, forest or green spaces is the perfect scenario.

Design in the spirit of biophilic design – furniture inspired by nature

Natural or nature-inspired materials they express the ideas of biophilic design. We can easily match them to any interior and our needs. Designers focus on the ubiquitous exposed grain wood, natural stone and raw fabricslike linen, organic cotton, wool. They can be used in the finishing of walls, floors, furniture and in all accessories, then supplemented with other shades taken directly from nature. They will work here warm shades of green, brown and yellow and other earth tones in a shade of tawny. You can also introduce wallpapers and photos depicting landscapes or floral ornaments, which will warm up the space.

Biophilic design in the bedroom - an interior in restrained colors

In addition to access to light, so does lighting – lamps must be stylistically matched to the interior. If we focus in the arrangement on the display of natural forms and flora, choose delicate and subtle patterns. Simple design and organic materials or glass They will fit into the interior and blend perfectly with natural stone and wood.

The interior is inspired by the trend of biophilic design

Biophilic design – how to design a living room?

The main goal of biophilic design is that interiors prepared in this style create a certain type “Green Asylum”. A living room arranged in this way as a room for relaxation and meetings with loved ones will be a real escape from the crowds and chaos of the city.

Enter here natural patterns and materials in a palette of colors drawn from the natural world. Let’s focus on a wooden floor, a comfortable sofa covered with structural linen, a stone top of a coffee table and textile accessories that will make the room more comfortable. We can also convey a little of this style in our interiors by choosing furniture in oak veneer or by laying a leather carpet on the floor.

Biophilic design in the living room - a combination of light teak wood, natural lighting and large glazing

Plant and animal motifs can be smuggled here on patterned wallpapers, pillows and blankets. By design, we should also allocate plenty of room for vegetationwhich not only improves aesthetics, but also ensures a favorable microclimate.

Biophilic design – how to design bedrooms?

Harmony and appeasement of the senses – that’s what you expect from a bedroom with biophilic design. Let’s ensure a lot of light from outside during the day, a light linen curtains or bamboo blinds will protect us from prying eyes after dark. It is worth presenting the fauna and flora as a detail in the form of bedding or blankets, or to go further and focus on original wallpaper on one of the walls that will delight but not overwhelm the whole arrangement.

Biophilic design in the bedroom - an interior for people looking for modern solutions in harmony with nature

If we separate an additional room, for example, a dressing room, then let’s decide on glazingso as not to block the penetration of light inside. Here, as in the living room, the vegetation must be planned – the offer of flower beds, also wall-mounted, is so extensive that we can easily choose the right “display stand” for your favorite potted plants. When choosing a bed frame, you might be tempted to rattan or wood frame or an upholstered bed with a headboard.

Biophilic design in the bedroom - restrained interior close to nature

We recommend soy for decoration glass candles, wooden and clay accessoriesand equipment with an extremely fashionable braid – these elements will help create a space for relaxation in the style of biophilic design.

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