A new place on the cultural map of Wrocław. An exhibition by an exceptional artist at the inauguration

For more than a decade, Goldenmark has been supplying products whose common ground has been values ​​for generations. The distinctive feature of the brand in the market is the unique structure of the offer, consisting of precious metals, diamonds and works of art. The company’s high-end stores in several Polish cities are places where customers can find a full range of durable goods with location values.

Goldenmark stores are also unique spaces that create a space for the recipient – collector – to meet the artist and his work. They organize vernissages and exhibitions of artists invited to cooperate, and Goldenmark’s team of professional curators and art market experts is responsible for the selected artistic offer and advice on construction and development. from its own collections.

Painting exhibition for the opening of a new salon in Wrocław

Goldenmark has created such a space in the recently opened showroom in Wrocław at Legnicka Street 56 – in the Legnicka Business House building, next to the Magnolia Park shopping center. The fair has been operating since mid-September, but the official inauguration is scheduled for Friday, October 14. The opening of the exhibition “MY ME” by Alek Slon will begin at 7:00 p.m.

A tram ride, the view from the underground garage, an empty bar in Habana Vieja – spaces, things, situations that make up our experience and our identity. Without them, we would not be what we are, and without us they would not be as they appeared to us. This intimate connection with the world in which the shape of our self is forged is the very essence of Alek Slon’s painting. MY SELF – my self is a story about ordinary things that mysteriously become elements of personal mythology and define our perception of the world and ourselves – highlighted Dr. Katarzyna Sadrakcurator of the exhibition.

The exhibition “MY ME” will be presented from October 14 to November 10, 2022 at the Goldenmark showroom at Legnicka 56 in Wrocław.

Artist and traveler

Alek Slon was born in 1975 in Warsaw. After graduating in philosophy from the University of Warsaw, he traveled to Rome, where he studied painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti. Later, his life will be dominated by travel – which is his greatest source of inspiration – and art. Although currently anchored in Poland, as he says of himself, he is a nomad. He likes, and even needs, to change the location and color of his reality from time to time.

Travel triggers many emotions, it goes beyond everyday life, which tends to become transparent, it ceases to inspire us. Once back home, I begin to explore what remained in my head during my absence. What during a trip are simple elements of reality, can come back to the memory with redoubled force after the return. The characteristic smell, the habits of the inhabitants, the flavors of the local cuisine, all this creates a chain of memories that only reveal their uniqueness after a while. – he says Alek Slon.

In his works, the artist repeatedly returns to the experience of his stay in Rome. Several of Alek’s latest works are also inspired by the artist’s stays in Cuba in 2017 and 2019. While the Roman experience has shaped his artistic personality, each stay on the island is a consciously conducted artistic experience from the start. : from notes in a travel diary, through video installations, to comics, drawings and works on canvas.

In April 2022, Alek Slon travels to the United States where, at the invitation of Cornell University, he leads workshops and carries out an artistic project. His latest work “New Modulor”, dealing with the issue of sustainable development, has been presented at exhibitions in Taiwan, Japan and Switzerland. It consists of sketches, paintings, objects and an animated film.

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