An unusual church is going to be built in Copenhagen! It’s all wood.

An unusual church designed by architects from Danish firm Henning Larsen will be built in Copenhagen. Interestingly, this will be the first such temple to be built in Denmark’s capital in over 30 years. The sacred building designed by the Danes must be 100% complete. wooden, and its facades will be covered with a characteristic shingle known from agricultural buildings such as stables or barns.

Atypical church in Copenhagen, named after Orestad Church, was described by an architect Henning Feedback as “modern statue”who will be found myself in nearby Reserve nature amager Faeelled in capital city Denmark. Construction building to be related to down nature, his construction is built only With wood and completed in wood shingles.

Renders church Ørestad they present somebuilt near lumps themselves, overcome trapezoidal rooftops on different Heights and corners. Structure The roof emissions building organic shape, a Thanks natural holes light falls straight down interiors church. Henning Feedback had on objective “creation feeling, this you are standing below crown trees in Forest”. The facade of the building was also to refer to nature and imitate the bark of a tree, as well as refer to historic farm buildings.

Church Ørestad will be surrounded brick floor, pulling both inside and outside building. From the same brick youmussel will stay benches and elements of small architecture. On the inside finds itself open space dedicated to religious services and completed on Chapel. Church Ørestad will be had too Desk and Number informal space cultural around protected Court. An interesting fact is that Ørestad Church designed by Henning Larsen will be there first church built in Copenhagen for over 30 years.

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