From Gliwice to Barcelona. Extreme runner Tomasz Sobania is getting closer and closer to the finish line! Currently en route to Lyon

60 marathons in 60 days – that is the goal of extreme runner Tomasz Sobania. The 24-year-old is now on the Paris-Lyon stretch, and still around 1,000 kilometers from the finish line, which is the Catalan capital – Barcelona. Another challenge in the life of a young athlete is the charitable goal of raising funds for the “Noego’s Ark” foundation based in Gliwice, helping young people recover from various types of addictions.

60 marathons in 60 days? Why not! That was the goal of Tomasz Sobania, a 24-year-old runner, traveler and writer. The young resident of Toszek (Gliwice poviat) not only has impressive achievements as a runner and mountaineer, but also 3 published books, including 2 novels for young people. The runner left on September 3 from Gliwice, currently he is in France.

Last Saturday October 8, he reached Paris, covering a total of 1,470 kilometers from the start. Paris is already the 35th stage of the route he has set himself. He has about 1000 km to go until the designated finish, that is to say the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona (where the athlete would like to meet Robert Lewandowski).

According to the initial plans, the 36th day of the race from Gliwice to Barcelona was to be a moment of break and rest for Tomasz Sobani on the course, but the athlete does not let go of the pace and the opportunity to cover the next kilometres. The organizers of the 20 Kilometers of Parisi race allowed him to take the start of the race, despite the early closing of registrations. Thanks to the kindness of the organizers of the famous marathon in the French capital, Tomasz Sobania took part in it with thousands of Parisians, covering a distance of 20 kilometers. Let’s add: more kilometers on the already extremely long route, and a rest day!

On Monday, October 10, Sobania resumed touring, and the next scheduled episodes are still ongoing. The next major city on its way will be French Lyon. From here the next stops, until the last, which is the capital of Catalonia. The whole project is guided by a charitable objective, which is to raise funds for the “Noah’s Ark” foundation based in Gliwice, which helps young people struggling with various types of addictions (drugs, alcohol, games, e- addictions) for years, raising awareness of their harmful consequences and promoting pro-social activation. It should be mentioned that this is not the first time that Tomasz Sobania has been involved in helping others, combining sports and charitable activities.

– I just want to say that I’m running and I’m fine. It’s hard to believe that such a long way is behind me and Barcelona are actually really not far away – Tomasz Sobania wrote on his Facebook profile on Tuesday.

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