Greek cuisine rediscovered. Bartek Kieżun remembers Athens farewell dessert. “I will be happy when my stories break stereotypes”

– Athens is the history of mankind and a meeting place – says Bartek Kieżun, traveler, cultural anthropologist, foodie and author of books on Mediterranean cuisine. This time he makes us discover the corners of Greece through the food of the book “Athena to Eat”. We chatted with Bartek Kieżun, also known as Krakowski Makaroniarz, about Greek cuisine.

Bartek Kieżun skillfully introduces us to history, customs and culture through recipes. So far he has narrated books about Italy, Istanbul, Portugal and Spain. We talked about the latest publication “Athena to Eat” edited by Buchmann.

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Anna Daniluk: “Athens for eating” is another book that is part of the cycle devoted to Mediterranean cuisine. When we last talked about Spanish cuisine, a trip to Greece was still planned. Did this city live up to your culinary expectations?

Bartek Kiezun: He did, of course. He surprised and sometimes spoiled. It has always been delicious. I must admit that at first I tried to do my best to move away from the stereotype so that horiatiki salad (popularly known as Greek salad – editor’s note) did not appear in the book. Eventually, of course, she was there (laughs). When traveling, I want to keep my eyes and ears open to be surprised. Then I’m able to write a better book, not write with a home-written thesis. I want to take advantage of what is in place and be able to transmit as much as possible to the recipients. I think it’s the most interesting and gives me a sense of mission. I will be happy when my travels and culinary stories break stereotypes.

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