He left Wrocław and paddled 500 kilometers along the Oder. He wants to raise a million fish for his money [ZDJĘCIA]

500 kilometers by kayak, from Wrocław to Szczecin, all to support the #ODRodznia fall. Dominik Dobrowolski, a traveler and conservationist from Wrocław, is raising money to raise a million fish and help the river recover. For this purpose he needs 100,000 PLN.

Dominik Dobrowolski, known for campaigns such as Czysta Odra, Cycling-Recycling or Eco-Valentine’s Day, has set up a fundraiser called “Odrowanie”. If he manages to collect 100,000 zlotys, he will buy a million fish to restore the balance of the Odra after the last ecological disaster.

To support the collection, the ecologist and his friends took a 500 kilometer canoe trip down the Odra River. He started his journey in Wrocław on September 24. For a week he reported on the trip, describing the situation on the river.

– I looked at the river, looked in the reeds, felt, touched, dived. Some positive information: not a single fish killed. Not one! In many sections, especially from the border to the mouth of the Nysa Łużycka in Szczecin, life is lively – a lot of cormorants, herons, white-tailed eagles, cranes, geese, swans, ducks, bald spots … – Dobrowolski describes his background.

The fundraiser, which he organized with his friends, will last until December 31. At present, the goal has been supported by 221 people and has contributed just over 42,000 to the collection. This is still not enough, because 100,000 fish are needed to stock the Odra with one million fish.

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