The situation in Ukraine, the Nobel Prize for Literature and a story about India and Vietnam – Courrier à midi – 11.10.2022

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Guests of the public:

Anna Labuszewska – the author of “17 moments from Russia”, Tygodnik Powszechny;

Krzysztof Maslon – literary critic, journalist;

Zbigniew Wilk – traveler, entrepreneur.

Host: Magdalena Uchaniuk

Producer: Joanna Rejner

Anna Labuszewsk recalls the stages of the war. The goals set by Putin have not been achieved and, moreover, Russia is losing more and more frontline positions. This leads to a confrontation between the President of Russia and the so-called group of hawks who demand victory in this war. The columnist points out that the elite’s initial support for Putin is turning into dissatisfaction with his policies.

Krzysztof Maslon assessed the work of the winner of this year’s Nobel Prize in Literature – 82-year-old Anna Ernaux.

Daria Wawczak and Zbigniew Wilk they talk about their trip to the Far East – to India and Vietnam. The cultural differences are huge.

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